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By Mike Tuchscherer, Junior World Champion

Mike at the 2006IPF Jr. Worlds in Bulgaria


We received an email from Mike Tuchscherer. He has some great advice which we would like to share with you. I’d like to thank Mike for this advice and serving our country in the Air Force! Enjoy!

On training:

I do no one else’s program. I do my program. I think a major mistake lots of people make is that they do Lifter X’s squat program and expect results. The result you get from such programs is only a part of what you could get if you customized your own training. People talk about learning to train oneself, but they expect it to just happen one day. It takes work! You have to read a ton of information and try it in all kinds of combinations.

This takes practice, but it is more than worth it in the end. After reading everything I could and practicing writing my own training programs (and altering them like crazy), it led to some incredible gains.

I have been training since 1997, but for a large part of that time, I did someone else’s program and got marginal results. I decided to learn my own program and after a year of trying things, I am now training in a way that is giving me huge gains (if all goes well, over 300 pounds on my total in 18 months or so — no drugs, little equipment change). It takes a lot of work, but it is well worth the time investment!

On nutrition:

I have recently started taking BCAA’s in my supplement program and I noticed a huge difference in my recovery! I mean, HUGE! At this point, if I could only pick two supplements to take, I would take BCAA’s and creatine. It’s made that much of a difference!

Michael Tuchscherer, C1C
MWR Officer
CS-38 “All Stars”
USAF Academy

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