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When we first started designing nutritional supplements for athletes, the goal was to help them go faster, higher, farther.  For bodybuilders it was to give them the wherewithall to get massive and cut.  The central question about technology back then was, “What CAN we do?”

Sports training scientists soon began asking the more pertinent question, What SHOULD we do?”  But, today, the question is, “What MUST we do?”

Answering the question requires what ProPower calls  “HOT” (a higher order technology).   It emphasizes the aggregate experiences, wisdom and judgement of athletes and bodybuilders who have spent their lives in the trenches of competitive sport to select the best answers from a broad range of training technologies.

Essentially, higher order technology is knowing which technical possibilities to choose, as well as when, where and how.

Experienced athletes know what their needs are intuitively.  Developers of nutritional supplements and the training protocol for which supplements are designed, need to learn how to listen to the athletes, and then carefully pursue the precise ordering of training technologies to deliver vital benefits at affordable prices.

A simple concept, but a formidable challenge.

PROPOWER has met the challenge.  Every training program and technique which PROPOWER has integrated into its line includes the technologies necessary to not only provide you with the wherewithal to grow bigger, faster and stronger, but to exceed the bounds of mere convention, on toward your own God-given potential.

In this high tech business, we think that’s good news.  It serves as a reminder that the highest tech is always based on sound judgement which can only come from experience, on the power of the human spirit to excel, and on the principle that good and better isn’t good enough.  Only BEST is.


The PROPOWER Pledge:

“With each record breaking advancement in human performance there are related scientific discoveries of astounding proportions.  For the new millennium, PROPOWER will bring you these discoveries by way of our products and programs.  By using these advanced integrated training programs you can finally take command of your athletic destiny.  With PROPOWER you will reach the pinnacle of your inherent championship abilities and attain the success you are arduously striving for.”

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