Propower: Why We Are Best!

Frederick C. Hatfield II, MS, MSS

I could go back to Dr. Hatfield’s childhood to tell this story, but I’ll save you those details. Some old-timers will remember Doc as an Olympic lifter, and very few know he was an elite gymnast! Most know him for his powerlifting achievements. So I’ll start there. Dr. Hatfield’s accomplishments have much to do with Propower.

Doc was a great Olympic lifter, but realized he wasn’t going to be a world champ in that sport. He then switched to Powerlifting and won three World Championships and has set world records in more weight classes than any other lifter. He shattered world records from the 181 pound weight class all the way up to the heavyweight division. There are many powerlifting legends, but Doc has a special place amongst them. Least of all, he trained many of those legends! They came to him!

I was around 14 years old when my pops moved from Mississippi to California. He went to work for Weider. Say what you want about Weider, but it was a powerhouse in terms of information and supplements. They, at the time were cutting edge. Of course, we know more about supplements than what was known then, so the information and science that went into Wieder’s supplements is now archaic. But at the time, it was cutting edge. The articles Dr. Squat wrote and the supplement he developed for Weider where cutting edge, profitable and popular.

During that time, Dr. Squat was trying to win his first of 3 world championships. From 1980 to 1984 he won three. One was unofficial due to a big powerlifting scandal, in which many legends protested, but lifted anyway. Guys like Doc, Larry Pacifico, RDC and many others outclassed wannabes. A nod to them guys, but they weren’t the best lifters of the era!

The point is through the 1980’s Doc Squat was the driving force behind Weider’ supplements. Mistakes were made… True, But Doc, a competing athlete and one who was training countless athletes other than himself, was developing a supplement line that would benefit HIS training. Not just marketing something that appealed to the masses. Imagine being a world class athlete with the knowledge and the means to create your own supplements! Dr. Squat may have been working for Weider, but he was creating supplement and products that would aide his quest to be a world champion. There is not another person on this earth that can claim that. There are a lot of pro athletes, and there are a lot of scientists. But none that are both. Furthermore, there are none that are or were hired to produce a product for the everyday joe!

In the 1990’s Doc worked for Icopro. This was the brainchild of WWE president, Vince McMahon. Vince was weathering a major steroid scandal, and had to figure out how to keep his wrestlers healthy enough to perform (they do some 300 matches a year!) Vince brought Doc in to develop a supplement line and fitness plan to achieve this. He was done with Powerlifting at this point, but still training athletes as well as common folks. Following the Icopro system, many women lost hundred of lbs in a study that even today predates anything any strength and conditioning program has done.

Doc was given an open checkbook and access to all wrestlers. Following steroid allegations, the WWE didn’t have problems with lawmakers, and the WWE flourished. Like the XFL football league, the WBF folded and so did Icopro. The WBF was actually doing ok… But Vince folded anyway.

Today, we have Propower. The research that was done with Weider and Icopro was never discarded. Doc isn’t setting powerlifting records anymore (although, within 8 weeks, I bet he could still set some records for his age!), but the science hasn’t changed. Everything that went into Propower comes from research on how to make himself and his athletes better. Marketing was always a secondary point. No other supplement company can boast the credentials Dr. Squat has. He has been a pioneer in the supplement industry, and elite athlete as well as a strength coach for elite athletes. With Propower, you ae getting a “lab coat scientist” and elite athlete and a strength coach all in one.

I challenge any other company to make the same claim, and challenge you to find another who fully comprehends the needs of athletes more than Dr. Squat!

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