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I’ve watched Dr. Squat train and strain, competing since 1977. That was just after ending his days of Olympic lifting, and many snatchless bombouts. Why is this man so strong? Whadda he got that I ain’t got? You all know about those seemingly bizarre training methods, right? Compensatory acceleration, dis-inhibition training (joint jerking), explosive jumping and yanking, plyometrics, isokinetics and ad infinitum. Listen, our man does train this way. On top of this, I have rarely seen him do more than 3 sets of any exercise following warm-ups. Most of is precious training time is spent with every Tom, Dick and Harry (nerds all) in the gym who desire 5 extra pounds on their reverse simplex quad thrust.



Dr. Squat

Hello all,

I greatly benefited from his books particularly (1) The Complete Guide to Power Training, (2) Power: A Scientific Approach, and (3) Hardcore Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach. It all started with trying to gather the most scientific information about strength training and continues with enlightenment and wisdom. More power to you doc and I sincerely hope you are currently working on a new book or two.

All the best,



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